silkvalley asked: Answering about AI, enemy types and their abilities, Adam said that there will be some randomization on ability selection. What kind of randomization; AI randomly uses preassigned abilities or do enemies have some abilities randomly assigned? Will there be a substantial number of enemies that have all abilities/talents assigned by hand?

Abilities are never randomly assigned, but the AI may select semi-randomly from the abilities it has based on a variety of criteria.  The creature is given a set of abilities in its prefab (data file) and then its instruction set has an entry for each of those abilities.  Each entry has a relative weight and set of conditions applied to it.  When the AI analyzes the validity for any entry’s conditions, it adds that entry’s weight into the mix and randomly selects from the valid choices.

E.g. this fake enemy has the following fake entries in its fake instruction set:

Cast Magic Missile - Condition: Enemy more than 3m away. - Weight 20

Cast Cure Light Wounds - Conditions: Ally with less than 50% Stamina, Ally less than 5m away. - Weight 40

Drink Potion - Condition Self at less than 50% Stamina. - Weight 80

Use Weapon - No Conditions - Weight 10

In this circumstance, assuming all conditions are true, the lowest entry, Use Weapon, has a 10/150 chance of occurring.  Let’s say that all are true except Self at less than 50% Stamina.  The only valid options are Cast Magic Missile (20/70 chance), Cast Cure Light Wounds (40/70 chance), or Use Weapon (10/70 chance).  If none are true, there is a 10/10 or 100% chance the AI will use its weapon.

This is a very basic (and again, fake) example, but I hope it illustrates the basics of how the system works.

greybrid asked: dang you only been ask one time about "trans" people. to what do you attribute this amazing phenomena?

I don’t think I have any special qualifications that make me particularly well-suited to describe trans* life or trends in culture.  I do think that many people around the world in the 21st century have different opportunities for identifying themselves, both to themselves and others, that were not available to people even a few decades ago.  Online environments can be safer places to explore or affirm these identities because the social and physical boundaries that often restrict people (passively or actively) are less important (and often irrelevant).

truewarriorpoet asked: What are some cliched rpg or d&d tropes you are personally tired of seeing, and how do you plan on creating your own vision in PoE so it introduces familiar but unique twists on them?

gorthy asked: Josh - Have you tried the Sword Coast Stratagems mod for the BG series? What are your thoughts on how it increases the difficulty of the series, in particular the AI and mage/priest changes? How does its level of difficulty compare with the hardest settings in P:E?

I haven’t played with SCS but it looks great.  We’re building our AI from the ground up, so I think it’s too early to know how it will ultimately compare to advanced AI mods like SCS.  I certainly want it to be as reactive as we can reasonably make it.

comrademiroku asked: What are your thoughts on Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Would you ever consider doing a medieval game without fantasy elements?

It looks really cool.  I backed it a few weeks ago.  Doing a purely historical game would be cool, though personally I favor historical fantasy like Darklands.

megagalamdraga asked: Hi Josh, if don't mind, please answer my question! Icewind Dale 2 was released more than ten years ago, it was the last Infinity Engine game and the first game that you worked on as a lead designer (as far as I know). What do you think about it in retrospect? What things would you have done differently, if you had to work on it now?

silkvalley asked: Do you think it is important for attributes to allow certain archetypes? For example, a clumsy and physically weak wizard, yet she deals tons of damage with her spells. The priest who's outstandingly accurate with his spells, but is not a master in sleight of hand and pickpocketing (Dexterity). Similarly, should increasing the damage he deals with spells (via attribute) also increase the number of items he can carry?

foxx-trotting asked: I notice in recent years many "popular" evil characters are written in a way so that they're too sympathetic or relatable so that their status as a villain whom the audience should not overly sympathize with is diminished. How does one write a villain or evil character in a way in which their motivations are well-defined and even sympathetic without defeating their purpose in the story?

inertia-atomsk asked: What Are the average life spans of the races in pillars of eternity?

I don’t have the docs in front of me, but humans are pretty standard, dwarves and elves are longer-lived but not as much as in a lot of A/D&D settings (I think elves top out around 350).  I don’t remember the aumaua lifespans, but orlans are shorter-lived than humans.